Burma Invaded 1942



For the first time in over 70 years, C.M. Enriquez has returned to print with a new posthumously released story.

Burma Invaded 1942 was considered too controversial and was banned from publication. Now, at long last, the Major’s tale can be told. As he states in the Preface:

“This book was begun in the expectation of recording interesting events relating to the invasion of Burma by the Japanese. It was continued in the realization that a strange and terrible situation which, if not immediately committed to paper, might well be lost to history.

“An atmosphere developed which could hardly be recaptured at a later date. It was my first intention to rewrite the record in the past tense; but since it was destined to cover such a short period – actually only five months – the original diary form has been retained, thus preserving the impressions which prevailed from day to day, influencing our hopes, our actions and our reactions.

“If this book is ever published, it will be at some future date when the public, now surfeited with war literature, is in the mood to recall and examine an episode of the early dark days of World War II. These events, though they will make painful reading for all time, nevertheless constitute a passage of Burmese history.”

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