Grandpa E (EDIT)jpgThis site is dedicated to my grandfather, Colin Metcalfe Enriquez — soldier, scholar, poet and writer.  He was a man of great versatility, who was interested in so many different things: art, religion, music, language, literature, calligraphy, photography, gardening, politics, etc., etc.

Major Enriquez lived most of his life in the land that he loved most—beautiful Burma (Myanmar). His immense knowledge of the land, its peoples, its cultures, it archeology, its flora and fauna, tales and myths and history make him a prominent Asian scholar.

While in the British Army and as Recruiting Officer for the Military Police, his travels took him to the far reaches of Burma. An accomplished linguist he mastered the many languages and dialects of the tribes with whom he came into contact.

Throughout his life he recorded in his diaries his adventures and military service in India, Mesopotamia and Burma. He authored dozens of books on Burma and Malaysia and countless stories and essays. Three of his books have recently been published posthumously—”BURMA INVADED, 1942“, “BREWING STORM 1939-41” and “STRANGE TALES FROM THE EAST AND WEST“.

It is with great pleasure that I also release some of his other unpublished narratives under “Journal Excerpts”.   I hope visitors to this site will find these to be of interest.

Margaret Penelope