Strange Tales from the East and West

Strange Tales...

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Looking back upon a life spent in Burma, India, and China, I’m astonished at the number of extraordinary tales I’ve collected throughout the years. All of these stories are taken from real life. All are true.

One of the miracles associated with this collection is the manner of its survival. When the Japanese occupied Mogok (Upper Burma) in 1941, all the notes and diaries in which the tales were written, passed from my control. My home was seized. I had just enough time to hide what I considered to be my chief treasures—my notebooks and diaries—before I escaped into the trackless hills. These precious papers were committed to a hole in the ground, secretly dug under the wood stack. There they remained for the next three years, while the Japanese occupied my house, and daily helped themselves to the firewood. They never suspected the hidden cache beneath.

Now I bring these stories once more to the light of day, and present them as a curious memory of former days. Sometimes I marvel that such things should have happened. Indeed Truth is stranger than Fiction.

— C.M. Enriquez

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